Friday, October 06, 2006

Misleader at it again ... slamming Republicans

Fair? Balanced? Maybe to the democrats....

I have two complaints this morning with the Staunton News Leader (Slantin' Misleader, as it's affectionately called by local conservatives).

One is McCloskey's editorial cartoon which shows a plane going down in flames (labeled the Allen '06 campaign) with the pilot saying, "Get me Karl Rove, quick! I've tried the kinder, gentler George ... I did the TV commercial, the campaign stops, nothing's working. I'm still going down!!"

Maybe McCloskey doesn't keep up with the news -- hardly possible since he works for a newspaper -- but the past four polls show George Allen ahead in this race. Perhaps he should look at the USA Today poll, from his own employer, Gannett who also owns the Staunton News Leader, to see that George Allen is ahead.

Perhaps McCloskey should stop by Republican headquarters and talk with Allen supporters stopping by to pick up ALLEN signs and bumper stickers who are up-in-arms over false accusations flung out by the Webb campaign. These are the grassroots, the people in the community who could care less what the MSM thinks about their Senator ... so I'm really bewildered at his choice of cartoon today. It's not accurate and never has been.

My second complaint concerns the last paragraph of today's editorial. It said:

The Republican Party's love of power has so corrupted it that it is impossible to believe it once claimed the moral high ground. These days, the GOP would have to find a manhole to crawl up through in order for it to wallow in the gutter...

Talk about painting an entire group with one brush! In one brief paragraph the editorial board at the Misleader makes a sweeping commentary on an entire political party (what a pompous crew they must be, sitting in their editorial tower pronouncing judgements on those who come into their sights).

Let's start at the top of the Republican ladder.

President George W. Bush has proven to be an excellent leader, a moral and religious man under whose leadership this country has been safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11. He has had one of the most successful administrations in my lifetime with a dedicated staff that respects him ... and he respects them. There have been no scandals even though the press tried with a made-up one involving Scooter Libby. He's an honorable man who is humbled by the responsibility given him by the Ameican people, and respectful of the office he holds.

Vice President Dick Cheney has been one of the best vice presidents I've ever seen. He has a calming presence about him that is comforting especially in a post-9/11 world. His knowledge of politics and his background and experience in D.C. have proven he's not a do-nothing vice president but, rather, an asset for President Bush and America.

Here in Virginia we have many honorable elected Republicans.

Let's begin with Senator George Allen. (Is the Misleader aware of DEMOCRAT Congressman Jim Moran who is a constant embarrassment to the human race?) Senator Allen has served this state for 20 years as delegate, Governor, Congressman, and Senator - working hard for Virginians. He has a presence about him reminiscent of George W. Bush ... he connects with people. He connects with grassroots folks who are you and me. He doesn't put on airs, he doesn't act as if he's better than us ... yes, he wears the cowboy boots and plaid shirts and sings with the band and that's what we love about him. He doesn't think he's above doing something like that. He has an uncanny way of remembering names, just like the President. He has not done anything scandalous (remember Chuck Robb with another woman or Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky?) and he presents a stately presence which makes us proud to have him representing us in D.C.

Locally we are especially fortunate in our four state-level representatives. Although I've definitely had my differences over tax increases with State Senator Emmett Hanger, he is a moral, conservative family man.

Delegate Steve Landes presents a calming, steadying influence with the wisdom of one who has been involved in politics and understands the diplomacy involved when working both sides of the aisle. Again we have a moral, conservative man who is interested in the interests of the people of the 25 House District (which includes eastern Augusta County/Waynesboro) and has earned a place in House leadership.

Delegate Chris Saxman is another fine representative of the local Republican Party - a family man with four children who works hard for the citizens of the 20th House District (which includes western Augusta County, Staunton, Highland County). He is willing to fight in Richmond for what we, his constituents, want which includes no tax increases. He listens to us. He championed the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (VSDB), successfully fighting to keep the original campus in downtown Staunton as it has been for over a hundred years.

Delegate Ben Cline represents the best of the younger Republicans coming up through the ranks. Elected to the 24th House District seat at the age of 30, he is a conservative, moral representative who is truly interested in serving the citizens in his District. He has followed through with legislation to better our lives including increasing state police presence on I-81 and a "tax holiday" on school supplies.

At an even more local level we have conservative Staunton City Councilman Dickie Bell who has been a reasonable voice in the midst of a liberal City Council. The Augusta County Board of Supervisors includes Larry Howdyshell and Jim Bailey, both fiscally conservative and hard-working representatives for the people of Augusta.

Republican power has corrupted them? I don't think so. Just as with anything, there are a few bad apples in every barrel. However, there is a difference between the Republicans and the democrats when it comes to those within our Parties who have done wrong. Republicans remove those who are guilty; democrats circle the wagons and refuse to give up the guilty one. It has happened over and over.

And the supporters of each Party? Compare the anti-war screeching democrat lefties who hate America, hate President Bush, hate Christians, hate, hate, hate ... to the Republican supporters who are church-going citizens who follow the Ten Commandments, believe in strong family values, and believe in fiscal responsibility (not give-away programs) and a strong work ethic. That's not to say there aren't any conservative democrats but I would suggest their Party has definitely left them because the lib Socialists are taking over.

Local Republicans believe in their leaders and in conservative leadership, and feel fortunate to have so many Republican electeds ... and work hard on a volunteer basis to advance that. Unlike many democrat groups that are being financially fed by, the whacky lib group funded by democrat George Soros, GOP volunteers work hard with no financial compensation. Even now at Republican headquarters there are many who are there on a daily basis, talking with local supporters, getting candidate signs out into the community, phoning local voters, and working with Teenage and College Republicans.

In my opinion it is irresponsible for a newspaper to write a broad-view paragraph like the one in today's paper. I would challenge them to find the good in our hard-working public servants instead of always pounding the negative. Can they not find anything positive to write or draw about Senator George Allen's accomplishments for the Commonwealth of Virginia?


JohnMaxfield said...

I used to hold out hope for the Staunton News Leader...I used to have close friends that worked there as well. Thankfully, they have nothing to do with the editorial opinion section of the newspaper. I was truly appauled by the views expressed by Jim McCloskey, Roger Watson, David Fritz, Cindy Corell, Dennis Neal, and Macon Rich. So this is an open condemnation to them. How dare you all jeprodize the cause of Senator George Allen and every single other Republican party member at the local, state, and national level, when we have come so far? These men, no matter how much you all may disagree with them, are not grocery store shelf stockers to be ordered about in they way that you all are doing. They are proud, accomplished men, the cream of their states. And like it or not, they will be and are part of this New America that you all are trying so hard to create. So either learn how to live with it, or pack up and go home. In any case, stop acting like a bunch of Boston fishwives.

**And for those of you that I have called out that may not share the same views as your counterparts, then I am sorry, for I am unawares. You all need to stand up and be heard from--you cannot allow this type of slander and pure yellow journalism to occur.**

Anonymous said...

Please understand that the Snooze Loser does not particularly care if its editorial makes good sense -- when it makes statements like the one you cited it's pretty plain that they're looking for controversy for controversy's sake. Not a lot of deep thought in this paper, as usual.