Sunday, October 15, 2006 paying lib bloggers to mix it up in Virginia?

So is paying bloggers around the country to get into keyboard battles with those of us in Virginia during this senatorial race? I've wondered before as I've observed comments made on various conservative blogs from people who have made it obvious they weren't here in Virginia ... and the latest mix-up with Howling Latina and the Pious One has me thinking about it again.

They both are clueless about weather in Virginia, relying on weather charts for their assumptions about February weather, something one would do if not familiar or living in the area in question.

February is a tricky month in Virginia. I know because it's my birthday month. Some years I have snow on my birthday; other years we're grilling on the deck. I spent 12 years living in North Carolina, our neighboring state. Sometimes Virginia would have snow and NC would not. Other times NC would catch snowstorms from the "four corners" area and Virginia would not.

Way back in the 1970s I took a friend to catch a plane at the Richmond airport on a balmy 70-something February day. The next day it was snowing ... I remembered thinking she may have had trouble flying out if she had been one day later.

Which brings me back to bloggers being paid to mix it up in Virginia ... is it a possibility?


Jim Patrick said...

Temperature and precipitation for February 15, 1973 is in a graph for you here.

It wasn't warm and balmy, but wasn't too cold to fish. Don't spend too much time on this, it's a non-issue.

Howler is screeching at the choir. Nobody in VA (who counts) gives a fig about a fishing violation 30 years ago. If the MSM picks it up, it'll just reinforce the 'Dems will stoop to anything' impression.

Charles said...

I remember getting a few tanning days in february and march, back when I went to college at then-named VPI and SU in Blacksburg.