Saturday, October 14, 2006

Augusta County is ALLEN Country!

Spent today driving around Augusta County putting up 4x4 and 4x8 signs. The sheer number of ALLEN signs was a sight to see! When I stopped to ask a gentleman about the location of a place that had asked for a sign, he invited me to put a 4x8 in his field and said he was a straight-down-the-ticket Republican. He said he used to vote occasionally for a Democrat until the abortion issue came up. In his mind that was legalized murder ... and he changed to all Republican candidates from then on. I happily put the sign in his field.

Topped off the day with a pretzel from the Farmers Market in Dayton. Yum ... best soft pretzels in the world.

Ratio of ALLEN to Webb signs: 9 to 1.

Augusta County, Virginia, is ALLEN COUNTRY!

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GOP David said...

...Don't forget about Rockingham County....we are turning the county blue. We need to make sure we get everyone out to vote to offset the nova vote.