Thursday, October 05, 2006

Staunton's "Libby Loop"

Rt. 262 Bypass in Staunton/Augusta County

I know it sounds silly ... but to drive from the western side of Augusta County to anywhere north, south, or east of Staunton used to require a convoluted route that wasn't that time intensive but just a pain when in a hurry or trying to get to certain destinations.

Enter the Libby Loop - the new bypass extension that opened in August. And what a great road it is! Thanks to Staunton resident Libby Welch, a member of the Transportation Committee under Governor Jim Gilmore's administration, the one-third-finished bypass was completed this summer.

I use the Libby Loop every day to drive to Republican headquarters.

My only complaint - it seems to be narrow in some way. The entrance ramps are right beside the main roadway - they seem closer than other ramps - which makes it difficult to look over your shoulder for oncoming traffic. I've also noticed those entering on the ramps often don't slow down but enter as if they have the right of way. Today three vehicles were entering at full speed and I had to slow way down to let the first two merge in front of me ... which made the third vehicle blow its horn at me. Sorry ... I had nowhere to go unless I wanted to run the others off the road.

It's also easy to pick up speed on the 55-mph highway which has been reason for Virginia state police to run radar on an almost daily basis. I can appreciate that, and I certainly keep an eye on the speedometer.

Thanks to the Libby Loop, I can drive from my house in western Augusta County to Republican headquarters in Staunton in 12 minutes.

My hat's off to Libby Welsh for being so persuasive in obtaining funds so those of us in Staunton and Augusta can enjoy the convenience of the Libby Loop!


Patriot Fan said...

Yeah, they do have yield signs too. I usually let who I can in, but I'm not breaking past 45mph to let anyone in, sorry. Yield signs are Yield signs. I yield, they can yield.

I like not having to drive through town to get to the mall now.

Anonymous said...

"Governor Jim Webb"? Bite your tongue, er, keyboard!


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Oh my heavens! You are the FIRST person to catch that error. Keyboard has been properly bitten and correction has been noted .. .and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

You have the proper STAN-TON pronunciation. The leaves are turning in this part of Virginia so come see us!