Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy blogging day ... Homestead debate & Churchville parade

What a busy day! I just got home after leaving at 9:00 this morning.

After watching the debate at the Homestead between Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner and staying for lunch, we hurried back to Augusta County to participate in the Churchville fireman's parade at 5:00.

Thankfully, the float was ready to go (thanks, Dave Rexrode!), and Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Del. Chris Saxman were already there. I made it with 15 minutes to spare. On a hot summer afternoon, Congressman Goodlatte provided candy and helium balloons to hand out along the way.

Am busy now uploading photos from both events, and working through my eight pages of notes from the debate. I have scanned the blogs that have reported in already and, honestly, sometimes I feel as if I'm in a parallel universe from the mainstream media. They called it a draw.

That may be, but for Mark Warner to have the rock star status he has, he did not turn in all that great a performance. In fact, his face got red and little white splotches came out on his jaw when he didn't answer the questions and Gov. Gilmore held him to it.

I thought Gov. Gilmore stayed on message on two important themes: trust and energy. Who do the people of Virginia trust ... Mark Warner who promised not to raise taxes but then pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history? Or Jim Gilmore who kept his promise to remove the odious car tax? There is so much to write about this that I can hardly wait to get started.

Bob Stuart from the Waynesboro News Virginian was there so we chatted afterwards about the debate. I always find it interesting to read our two accounts when we've both attended the same event.

I had the pleasure to speak with Mrs. Gilmore after the debate, and to thank her for her support in this endeavor because I truly believe campaigns are actually harder on the families than on the candidates.

Tyler Whitley was there from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I first met him eight years ago when George W. Bush was running in the 2000 Virginia primary against John McCain. George Bush came to Virginia headquarters in Richmond so we were getting ready for his arrival. I was given the assignment of credentialing the press, and that was when I first met Tyler Whitley.

Alex Davis, Staunton Gilmore coordinator, and SWAC Daughter went with me and we had excellent seats.

More information coming soon....


Isophorone said...

Washington Times article:

Washington Post article:

SWAC Girl said...

I'll have to check out those links and read the articles to see what their take was on the debate. I read the Waynesboro paper's account and that's it so far ... haven't even opened my Richmond Times-Dispatch yet today. Thanks, Ron.