Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama apologizes for U.S. in Germany

Barack Obama's tour of the Middle East and Europe continues to fuel debate. The three major network anchors traveled with him, an event that is practically unknown in journalism circles.

Many have joined in the discussion including News Max. In their look back at Obama's trip, they noted his appearance in Germany, writing:
Obama told his German audience he was sorry about his country because “I know my country has not perfected itself.” [This comment was made in the former seat of Nazi power. A letter to editor published in Obama’s hometown Chicago Tribune noted the irony: “While America may not be perfect, there is no reason to apologize to the Germans, architects of the Holocaust.”]

As for America’s role in saving Germany from the onslaught of Stalinist communism and the subsequent Cold War, there was nothing.

There was a rhetorical flourish about the Berlin Wall coming down, but nothing about the great American sacrifice, not to mention how our military might made President Reagan’s call -- “Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev” -- a reality.
There will probably be more commentary from others in the days ahead.

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Did he ever apologize for this?