Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hollywood liberals back Mark Warner

Mark Warner received financial donations from extreme Hollywood liberals such as Barbra Streisand, Norman Lear, and Bette Midler. Why, you may ask, are they interested in contributing to someone running for senator from Virginia? They want to see Virginia turn purple or even blue and are willing to put their $$ behind that to build a force nationwide.

When a conservative plunks down his/her hard-earned money to see one of these entertainers or their productions, Hollywood liberals are taking your money and using it against you in our senate race.

Hollywood liberals are backing Mark Warner who does not want to drill off-shore or in ANWR to relieve gasoline prices at the pump. Hollywood liberals are contributing to the stone-walling of preventing energy exploration in this country while foreign oil interests continue to rake in our fuel dollars and drill off our shores.

Do you want Mark Warner and his Hollywood liberal-backing friends to represent the people of Virginia? Or would you rather have Jim Gilmore from his blue-collar Henrico County, Virginia, background who has worked hard over the years to represent you while serving in the Army, while serving as a prosecutor in Henrico, while serving at Attorney General for Virginians, and then while serving as Governor where he campaigned on the "no car tax" promise ... and kept it?

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Augusta Water Cooler said...

In this modern information rich world where truth is just a few clicks away, it amazes me that people still lust after the smoke screen of the liberal party.

Warners seemingly never ending lies would probably make him a solid canidate for worst VA Govener if it weren't for the his buddy Gov. Kaine who has the blue ribbon on that one.

Between the lies of Mark Warner and the total lack of experience of Sen. Obama, it's hard to understand their unyeilding faith democrats show these canidates.

When you go to the theatres or book stores remember that you may be supporting people like those SWAC Gril referenced and thier severe hatred of republicans and conservative beliefs and values.