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Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General 2009 ... in SWAC area Wednesday

[Please join us Wednesday, July 16, 2008, at 6:00 p.m. at the Staunton Shoney's for a dutch-treat meet and greet with Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, candidate for Attorney General for 2009 (Shoney's is located at I-81, exit 222, across from Rowe's). Sen. Cuccinelli has been a conservative voice in the state senate even though he sits in a Northern Virginia seat. A home school dad, he represents and stands up for many of the principles that are so important to the citizens of Virginia.]

The latest Cuccinelli Compass....

Dear Fellow Republican:

Now that we’ve recovered from the near-miss of higher taxes from the special session, we can move on to other topics… like where we are, where we’re going, and what we need from you! Oh yes, and one big time grassroots lobbying opportunity/need.

Where We Are
Thanks to the generosity of people like you from all over Virginia, on July 15th we will report about $125,000 raised for the first financial report of our A.G. campaign. This is a very respectable start in the face of the 2008 elections, and I want to thank so many of you that made this initial success possible!

Additionally, we have already signed up hundreds of people who have committed to go to the 2009 convention to support our campaign. And it is those commitments, and getting them to the convention, that will decide our nomination contest. So please, if you have not signed up yet, please click here to commit to be a delegate at next year’s convention!

In addition to our good start at the grassroots, we’ve also been honored to obtain many endorsements, including over 30 unit chairmen, 6 of my Republican Senate colleagues, 16 of the Republicans in the House of Delegates, and 1 of the 2 Independents in the House of Delegates – Lacey Putney – the longest serving legislator in the 388 year history of the Virginia legislature (the legislature turns 389 on July 30th). All within just a few months of the commencement of our campaign. Thanks to all of these good folks for their support and their help.

Where We’re Going

This Week…
Well, judging by my driving and my schedule, it feels like ‘all over the place.’ This week I will be in SW Virginia, including Abingdon and Pulaski, with some stops on the way up and down I-81. If we don’t see you on this trip, we’ll be back plenty more! Please forward this on to anyone you know in Pulaski who might join us Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at the Shoney’s in Dublin.

This coming weekend…
Of course, there’s the Heller party this Saturday, July 19th! The details are 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. (or however long folks stick around) at Fuddruckers at 8205 W Broad Street (Intersection of Broad & Parham) in Richmond, VA 23294. There is no charge to attend, save for whatever you eat!

Please RSVP to Mick Bransfield at (703) 766-0635 or Also, we still need more sponsors, so please email us if you’re willing to donate to sponsor this event. Sponsorships start at $100 (then $200, then $500, above $500 you get to name your price and you can come up with your own name for your level of sponsorship).

We’ll have a couple of knowledgeable speakers to address the good stuff in Heller and the more dangerous portions… and after we talk about the legal ruling, we’ll talk about the politics of the decision.

I hope we’ll see you there!

Coming down the pike…
We’re having a fundraiser in Loudoun County on July 22nd. It will begin at 7PM at the home of Dan and Maureen Whalen at 43029 Battery Point Place, Leesburg, VA 20176. I hope we’ll see you there. I have recently been informed that there is a Loudoun BOS meeting that night, so we’d love to see those of you that are to the BOS meeting on the way there or on the way home!

On July 23rd, we are having a fundraiser in Falls Church. More details to follow soon.

If you’d like to come to any of our events and/or be a sponsor (OR if you will host an event of your own!), you can always email us at or call us at 703-766-0635.

For those of you that are willing to volunteer to man tables and do outreach at your local gun shows, please email us at and let us know that you’ll either volunteer or – even better – you’ll recruit/manage volunteers at your local gun shows. We have gotten a great reaction for years at our local show, and we’d love to get to your area too – but we need your help to do that! Please sign up to help us get out our solid record on the 2nd Amendment and help us recruit voters! Email today (please)!

Speaking of our local show, we need more volunteers to man our table for the C&E gun show from Friday, July 25th to Sunday, July 27th at the Dulles Expo Center on Rt. 28 in Chantilly. Our long-term volunteer hero at this show has been Keith Bailey, as he has made sure we’ve been covered and well represented at these shows for years. Please email Keith directly at and please cc:, or call us at 703-766-0635 to help us out!

Lobbying Opportunity/Need
The Department of the Interior has apparently extended the public comment period on their planned rulemaking related to the right to carry of law abiding citizens in our National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. The period was extended at the request of two very anti-2nd Amendment legislators, U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) and U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona). They are hoping to flood the public comments with left-wing comments to keep you from protecting yourself in our parks.

I would ask each of you that are concerned about protecting 2nd Amendment rights to click here and select the icon next to "Add Comments" and put in your comments on the importance of allowing folks to carry in our national parks. The deadline (I think) is July 30th, so please don’t delay.

Will YOU Donate Today? I Hope So!
If you’re willing to donate to support our pro-Constitution, pro-life, anti-tax, pro-business, smaller government, campaign for Attorney General, please show your support by clicking here to donate today! We certainly need your help!

Ready to Get On Board?
As I said earlier, the race we’re in right now is about getting delegates for next year’s convention. Please go to our website today and commit to being a convention delegate to the 2009 convention … and get your family and friends to sign up too!

As we continue to get around the Commonwealth, I look forward to seeing all of you!

Senator Ken Cuccinelli
Virginia 37th District

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