Friday, July 25, 2008

Name-calling by liberals....

I have been browsing the Minnesota Blog Net News headlines recently to get a feel for the blogosphere where the Republican National Convention is going to be held in September.

One of the "most clicked" posts today was titled "Woo-Hoo! I'm # 1!!" It was from a conservative blog called Shot in the Dark who was commenting on being this week's #1 most influential blog on BNN/Minnesota.

Noting that he had been called names by the lefty bloggers, he offered some words of advice to other conservative bloggers which I found amusing and oh-so-true for our part of the blogosphere, too:
(Note to new conservative bloggers: when they call you “ridiculous,” “thin-skinned,” or worse, it’s because they’ve bounced all their intellectual checks, and are digging for rhetorical change under bus seats.)

The mission is proceeding according to plan.
This guy has a sense of humor that weaves throughout his posts ... but I also found his profile of interest because he expressed what many of us say about why we're in the blood sport of politics:
... if we forget our history, we might not live to repeat it. My kids and I - they’re why I’m out there doing my little bit to try to change this culture (and Party) for the better, so they have a country worth living in someday. And the flag.
Those were thoughts I certainly identified with from Shot in the Dark's Mitch Berg of Minnesota. I'm looking forward to being in his part of the world in five weeks.


Mitch Berg said...

Well, I - and the rest of the Twin Cities' large conservative blog community - are looking forward to having you here!

For more insight on the area, check out the "Minnesota Organization of Bloggers" on my right margin menu; it's officially non-partisan, but mostly conservatives. Also, try the Twin Cities' big center-right groupblog, "True North" (

Thanks! See you in September!

SWAC Girl said...

Mitch, congrats on being #1 most influential on BNN/Minnesota this week! I look forward to seeing your part of the country. I have never been to Minnesota but my Republicans neighbors are from Minneapolis and have filled me in. I look forward to the convention and to meeting conservative counterparts in the "True North."

See you at the Convention! ~~Lynn Mitchell