Sunday, July 13, 2008

From On High discusses the blogger "third rail"

Paid blogger? Volunteer blogger? Some make a living at it ... but most offer opinions as a pass-time. The paid equals bias discussion could be considered the bloggers' "third rail."

I'll admit ... I am occasionally envious of those who are paid to sit at a computer and write their political thoughts while the rest of us grab limited time to indulge in our hobby. Sometimes, especially on those days when I have much to opine on but feel I am wasting time at the keyboard, I can't help but wonder what a little chi-ching would be like ... all the while realizing I would not want to write under those limitations.

Jerry at From On High adds his thoughts on this subject spurred on by an editorial in today's Roanoke Times. He writes of paid political bloggers:
But there is that nagging appearance of impropriety. These guys take money to write that which candidates want written.
This issue will probably become more prevalent as the blogosphere continues to grow. There are more paid political bloggers on the left side of the aisle but paid bloggers on the right are increasing as the new media becomes more familiar to candidates and their staffs.

I commented about this previously. The discussion has just begun....


Anonymous said...

Ha, I figured those on the right would be super jealous of the left's success, especially our own Lowell Feld.

Just a note - NONE OF YOU will ever make a fraction of the impact we all have. Sorry. The blogosphere just isn't you thing. Stick to gun shows.

James Atticus Bowden said...

I miss the point of the discussion (not Lefty Anon's bleating above).

All opinion is biased. Some bias, apparently,is more lucrative than others.

What is the difference between a paid blogger and a paid op ed columnist? (Ans. Probably how much they are paid!)

Shaun Kenney said...

Tell that to Leslie Byrne...