Friday, July 18, 2008

Gilmore supporters greet Mark Warner in Staunton

Gilmore supporter stands on Staunton's Beverley Street while Mark Warner (background) talks with media on Thursday.

Mark Warner arrived 30 minutes late, walking right by the Gilmore supporters.

Gilmore supporters were standing in front of Zelma's Vintage Clothing store. The front window was decked out with Gilmore and "Win the War" signs. Located on Beverley Street, it was several doors down from the Dixie Theater, site of the Warner happening.

Mark Warner greeting supporters in Staunton.

The entire block of Beverley Street was closed off. The old restored Pierce-Arrow from the Woodrow Wilson Library and Birthplace was parked in front of the Dixie Theater with a make-shift stage on the street in front of it. When I first saw the entire block reserved I thought they were expecting hoards of people. Accoustic musicians were playing music as folks showed up but the crowd only materialized to between 50-75 people ... and a few bewildered tourists who asked, "What is going on?" Out-of-towners had no idea who the political players were and just smiled and moved on to shop.

Mark Warner addressed supporters. It was 3:30 and hot ... temps in Staunton were around 90 degrees ... and there was no shade in the street so I hope he didn't talk too long. We left right after I took this photo.

Next time Jim Gilmore is in town, we will have to ask the city of Staunton if they will block off the street, put bicycle police on duty, and let us have the Pierce-Arrow for a spin around the block just as they did today for Mark Warner. Do you think they will do it?

Thanks to Gilmore supporters for helping out with the last-minute plans to "greet" Mark Warner, and to Staunton Gilmore coordinator Alex Davis for his help.

Photos by SWAC Girl

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