Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jim Gilmore & Mark Warner: A tale of two taxes

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No story is more emblematic of the mainstream media’s love affair for higher taxes than the manner in which Virginia’s two U.S. Senate candidates are portrayed.

On the one hand you have Jim Gilmore, who promised to cut taxes for Virginians, and did so with a vengeance. Jim Gilmore fought for and won the largest tax cut in Virginia history, and was still able to oversee a booming Virginia economy, an improvement in public safety, and a balanced budget.

Democrat Mark Warner promised to not raise taxes, but after he was elected, well… who keeps promises anyway? Mark Warner pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history – breaking his promise, soaking Virginians to the tune of over $1.3 billion in higher taxes, and winning the love of many in the press to boot.

There is no getting around it; Mark Warner did not tell the voters of Virginia the truth, either before or after his huge tax increase. Yet he gets the kind of favorable press you’d normally see for a politician in the old Soviet Union. Why?

The fact is, the mainstream media (most, not all) love higher taxes and more government. But the people of Virginia are not going to get the truth from most news outlets, which is why it is so important for you – the GOP grassroots – to tell people the truth about the candidates at every opportunity. If we help get Jim Gilmore’s message out and explain the truth to people, this campaign could turn around very quickly!

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