Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bath County's Creigh Deeds

The news that Creigh Deeds and his wife were divorced, finalized on February 4, was stunning, a quiet secret that could explain something about last year's campaign.

The Washington Post had an indepth, almost painful, article on Sen. Deeds and his struggles in the aftermath of not only a gubernatorial loss but also the breakup of his marriage. One small part:
Things were going well, Deeds said, although he was aware colleagues were avoiding him. He expressed pride in his campaign, saying he had given it his all. He said he had already said everything about the election that he wanted to say and did not need more media attention.

He admitted he was not socializing much. His wedding band was missing.

Deeds, who married his college sweetheart, Pam, on Feb. 10, 1981, had told friends the marriage was over, a casualty of a nearly 20-year pursuit of a lifelong ambition that kept him away from home. He declined to talk about it in interviews. Pam Deeds, in an interview last week, said the divorce was finalized Feb. 4. She, too, declined
to comment further.

"Things didn't work out the way I wanted to, but I still got things to do," the senator said. "Just because I lost an election doesn't mean I was wrong about anything. I still have a role to play."
"Losing's not fun, but it's life, man," Deeds said. "You have to take chances. Life is not for the weak. Helen Keller wrote, 'Life is either a daring adventure, or it's nothing.' "
Life is, indeed, a daring adventure and we applaud those who step out to lead.

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