Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogosphere roundup

Congratulations to my fellow SWAC bloggers for their BNN rankings this week ... Yankee Phil is #2 and Fishersville Mike is #4.

Speaking of Mike, he has his weekly roundup of posts from around the blogosphere. I found this "Tea Party Barbie" on his right sidebar ... too cute!

Phil is spot on with this post about Bill Ayres and the leftists trying to rewrite history, summing it up by saying, "What a great big pile of yak manure!" Good post.

Tom White at Virginia Right! reports on the oil rig fire which begs the question ... what caused that disaster? I have heard whispers of environmental terrorism....

Riley at Virginia Virtucon found GEICO insurance had to fire their voiceover artist. Be sure to check out the comment from Rick Sincere.

Donald at American Power highlights the hatred of the Left against Sarah Palin. They are a shining example of, "Listen to what I say, not what I do." Aren't you glad they don't believe in hate?

The Other McCain looks into the liberal Left "Coffee Party" and discovers The Coffee Party: It's About Hate.


Joy Jackson said...

I love the Tea Party Barbie Doll!

SWAC Girl said...

I do, too, Joy. I think she looks just like all of us when we head out to tea parties. :)

Mike said...

I first saw it on National Review Online. Thanks to K.Lo.