Tuesday, April 27, 2010

McDonnell brings jobs for Virginians ... Democrats go negative

Gov. Bob McDonnell and Republicans are focused on bringing jobs and a positive direction to Virginia. Democrats and liberal bloggers appear to be more interested in going negative. Case in point:
"[Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee Terry] McAuliffe says the new governor, who just marked his 100th day in office, isn't making it any easier to attract new jobs to the state by getting bogged down in controversies over his Confederate heritage proclamation and resisting legal anti-bias protections for gay Virginians." -- Richmond Times Dispatch, April 26

While McAuliffe was talking, Governor McDonnell was working. While Terry McAuliffe was playing politics, Governor McDonnell was in Martinsville announcing a the creation of 110 new jobs. Six hours later, he landed a Fortune 500 company, on his 101st day in office. See Washington Post: McDonnell, Northrop [Grumman] confirm company has chosen Virginia for headquarters, April 27.
Bottom line: Bob McDonnell talks the talk and walks the walk.

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Misfit410 said...

We are blessed to have this man are our Governor