Saturday, April 24, 2010

Glenn Beck: "Do not confuse truth with hatred"

I was watching Glenn Beck's Fox News show Friday and, while I do not agree with him all the time, I find much of what he says educational. Something caught my attention and, rather than paraphrasing what he said, I will directly quote from the program. If you pull up the video link, his monologue regarding this issue begins at 13:30. Here's what he had to say:
We are on a progressive nightmare train to hell. Our system is not smearing people anymore ... it's training people to hate thy neighbor. We have to stop that. Martin Luther King talked about no matter how much they hate, you treat with respect. I haven't done that. I have to. It's going to be hard because people confuse the truth with hatred.

Do not confuse the truth with hatred.

I do hate the things that are being done to my country ... but I don't hate the people involved. And when I start to feel that anger rise up in me, quite honestly, I pray because of the scripture that I read that talks about the Lord will turn away from you and that's not what we're supposed to do.

Here's what I think we're supposed to do. We have to use our free speech and go in the other direction. We cannot spread messages of hate, we just have to spread the truth, and have faith in the American people that when they see these things, when they see actual videos -- the people themselves saying the things that you've been saying all along -- then Americans will wake up.

We just have to have faith that justice will prevail....
Check out Glenn Beck's Pledge of Nonviolence.

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