Saturday, April 24, 2010

THYME Magazine ... "The bill we had to pass to know what's in it"

What a bitter pill for America ... ObamaCare ... the bill we had to pass to know what's in it.

Americans are outraged and rightly so. Many Democrats now have buyers remorse. Bob looks into it in the latest issue of "THYME Magazine ... Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor"

If we cannot expect our elected representatives to read the fine print, why have we hired them to do the job? That includes Jim Webb and Mark Warner, U.S. Senators who, in my opinion, sold out the citizens of Virginia. It's time for better representation.


Bob K. said...

As Ken Cuccinelli points out, they probably haven't read the Constitution either.

Hopefully Cuccinelli's challenge will help them "find out what's in it" -- and I'm referring to the Constitution here.

Joy Jackson said...