Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bearing Drift endorses George Allen for U.S. Senate

"The Republican Party was blessed with a real choice for the United States Senate this year." With those words, conservative blog Bearing Drift endorsed George Allen for U.S. Senate just in time for the upcoming Republican Primary on June 12. 

The endorsement continued: "George Allen is the most experienced candidate in the race. Having served in the House of Delegates, as Governor, as a member of Congress and as a U.S. Senator, he understands how to do the job. Beyond the fact that he’s won statewide twice, he presents the strongest counterpoint to former Chairman Kaine. And in a race that will likely cost tens of millions, he is the only candidate in the race with a national fundraising base to rival Chairman Kaine’s. He’s going to need every dime."

In a nutshell, Republicans will be facing Tim Kaine and the Obama Machine. The only Republican in the U.S. Senate race who can take them on and win is George Allen.

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