Sunday, June 03, 2012

National Cancer Survivors Day

It's National Cancer Survivors Day and, for many who have suffered from that evil disease, today is a big cause for celebration.

A fellow blogger celebrates being cancer free for 22 years. Last night my sister went to a friend's party who was celebrating five years of good doctor reports. There are many around us who have made it and are visions of hope for others who are battling or who will face the still-all-too-real nastiness known as cancer.

Most have been touched in some way by cancer -- they know someone who had it or they themselves are battling it or know someone who didn't survive. My dad was only 49 when diagnosed with stomach cancer. Deadly. He lived two more years. A childhood classmate who was fit and lively at the October 2011 high school reunion fell ill two months later and died in January of pancreatic cancer.

In the words of Congressman Randy Forbes, "To everyone who has won the battle against cancer: you remain symbols of hope to those still in the fight. #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay"


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