Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today: Marco Rubio campaigns with George Allen ... endorses his leadership, vision and results

Today, George Allen received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who joined Allen on the campaign trail at Company Flowers, a family-owned small business in Arlington, Virginia.

“Few people have the leadership, vision and record of results of George Allen,” said Marco Rubio. “I’m proud to support George Allen because America needs his relentless commitment to holding government accountable and empowering job-creators through our free enterprise system. George Allen is essential to retiring Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. We need George Allen to be the 51st vote in the Senate to help repeal and replace Obamacare, fight the regulatory assault on job creators, and hold the line on fiscal discipline in a spendthrift Washington. The promise of the American Dream hinges on this election, and I’m here to support Virginians who will stand up for our country and vote for George Allen.”

Senator Marco Rubio has established a record of fighting for fiscal reform in Washington, standing against government bailouts, failed stimulus funding and debt-driven spending sprees. Senator Rubio also supports a Balanced Budget Amendment, which George Allen co-sponsored as Senator.

“I’m honored to have Marco Rubio’s endorsement in this pivotal election,” said George Allen. “Marco has quickly become a powerful, leading voice for the conservative, common-sense principles and freedom that have made America great. We need unity of purpose to win in November, welcoming Republicans, Independents and Democrats to our cause for a better future of freedom and opportunity for all.  Marco’s leadership helps build our growing team of grassroot supporters who envision a better future based on individual liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise that empowers every person to reach their American Dream.”

Company Flowers was started by owners John and Marnie Nicholson in 1991.  The business, started in a friend’s basement and has become a 20-year centerpiece of the community.

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