Sunday, June 17, 2012

Susan Allen: 'Happy Father's Day, Dad and George'

Forrest, Tyler, George, and Brooke Allen

From Susan Allen, wife of U.S. Senate candidate George Allen:
Larry Brown – a Retired Marine Pilot, a Vietnam Veteran, a Computer Teacher, an avid outdoorsman, “Gran Guy” to his grandkids, and my Dad.

George Allen – a Statesman, a former quarterback, a Lawyer, a husband, and a father to our three children.

Like many days throughout the year, but especially on Father’s Day, I look back and think about all my Dad has done for me and the person he helped me become. While he and mom are away, hopefully soaking up the last few days of vacation, I honor his sacrifice for our country – being twice deployed to Vietnam – and the countless times he’s supported my kids and me.

It is because of this I value the relationship George has with our kids — Tyler, Forrest, and Brooke. Through his actions and advice, he teaches them about patriotism, loyalty and having a servant’s heart. Each in their own ways, they make me a better person. They challenge me, protect me and care for me. I couldn’t ask for better and I love each of them more every day!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad and George.
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