Thursday, June 21, 2012

Road trip: The mighty James River as it passes through the Blue Ridge Mountains

A breathtaking view of the mighty James River as it passes through the Blue Ridge Mountains on its way to the Atlantic Ocean as seen from US Route 501 between Glasgow and Snowden. "For all the might of the mountains, the sight of Virginia’s biggest river flowing placidly through the breach is sure to impress." --

Road, rail, river ... the James near Big Island, Virginia, named for an uninhabited island in the river. "At Big Island the James River emerges from the Blue Ridge Mountains and flows to the southeast across basement rocks of the Blue Ridge anticlinorium. Although the James drops 50 meters in the 30 kilometers from Big Island to Lynchburg, much of that drop is consumed behind five dams that block the river over this section."  --The Geology of Virginia

The rocks of the James River while looking west from the US Route 501 bridge at Snowden.

Dominion Power Plant at the Snowden dam as seen from the bridge.

From the power plant, the railroad bridge can be seen in the distance as it crosses the river. The beautiful views all along the James were not dampened by the hazy conditions on a hot summer day. During frequent photo stops, we were surrounded by nature and could hear the sound of a waterfall as it entered the James, smell the sweet scent of blooming wildflowers, and take in magnificent sights that are unique to Virginia.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell +
June 21, 2012

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