Monday, June 04, 2007

Dems losing control of Party?

I received an unsolicited email from my Democrat Supervisor Tracy Pyles who publicly endorsed Emmett Hanger a few weeks ago along with the rest of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.

Tracy and I have gotten along well over the years. Now we're on opposite sides of the fence. It makes me wonder who he will support in the General Election because the Democrats have backed a candidate.

Will Mr. Pyles support Republican Emmett Hanger, the person he endorsed in April? Or will he endorse the Democrat who will represent his Party?

I looked up the Democrat Party Plan:

Section 10.8 Party Support

No Democratic committee member or officer of any Democratic committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee. In the event any Democratic committee member shall undertake such public activity, the appropriate Democratic committee shall remove said person from office. Such action shall not be taken without at least ten (10) days written notice to the accused member and an opportunity for him or her to refute such charges. In the event that no action is taken against such person, the
district committee shall initiate the necessary action. The Steering Committee may take further action within the thirty (30) days after the receipt of a written complaint by any member of the Democratic Party in relation to such matters.

Section 10.9 Candidate Support

The obligations and duties imposed on any county, city or district committee or the Central Committee and their members in this Plan shall not be deemed to require support of any candidate who is publicly supporting a nominee on the ticket of any other political party in any general election where Democratic candidates for office appear on the ballot, or who publicly supports any other candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee.
Interesting situation for Mr. Pyles....

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