Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"These Things" ... a USMC poet writes from Iraq

"These Things"
By Lance Cpl. Marvin Bell, USMC

We're just ordinary men away from it all
Some of those things are big and some are small.
Some of us are young and some are old
About each one of us different stories are told.

We left our girlfriends and our wives, our fathers and mothers,
We left our sons and our daughters, and so many others,
We're in love with their pictures and their voices on the phone
Because this is all we have since we've been gone.

They know not what we are doing; there's only so much we can say
Just to keep their minds settled to let them know we're okay.
With every setting sun and changing of the moon
And everyday that has passed means we'll be home soon.

When we see our loved ones we'll then hold them tight
And thank the Lord we made it back from this fight,
But until then....

We're in love with their pictures and their voices on the phone,
It's these beautiful things that keep us moving on,
The nights are shorter and the days are long,
With each picture and phone call our love grows strong.

Our loved ones back home feel the exact same way
But this is the price we as Marines must pay,
Though we are in love with their picturs and their voices on the phone,
None of that will matter when close to them ... we are home.

Written while deployed to Iraq 2006-07

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