Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime....

Today is the longest day of the year -- the first day of summer.

It's summertime in the Valley ... a short respite from politics ... and the living is easy....

To live here is to enjoy everything tourists come to this area for ... the climate is great -- hot days, cool nights (it was 48 degrees at my house this morning), cool days, lower humidity than points east of the Blue Ridge.

Sitting on my deck I can watch deer at the far end of the yard where it enters the woods ... turkeys and bears roam through the area. The views of the mountains are soothing, the hayfields are picturesque. Occasionally an eagle (yes, an eagle) soars high overhead.

The vegetable garden is thriving since we've had sufficient rain this spring. I'm looking forward to squash, corn, beans, potatoes, onions, cukes, a wide variety of peppers, and a nice selection of tomatoes including a new 4th of July variety that promises to have ripe meat by that all-American holiday. We'll see if it makes it.

My flowers, after being neglected during campaign season, are now enjoying the benefit of tender loving care on a daily basis. Many varieties of annuals are planted in the window boxes; dozens of perennials are blooming throughout the yard. My yard is much like a memory garden with flowers passed on from my mom, my grandmother, my sisters, aunts, and friends. As plants grow and multiply and need to be divided, friends and I share with one another.

The grass, as well as trees and shrubs, is green and lush and smells like --ah, fresh-mowed grass! -- on these hot days.

The lightning bugs came out in force this week as temps on Monday briefly hit 98 degrees before dropping like a rock as a thunderstorm rolled through. High 90s on Tuesday with overnight storms led into low 80s yesterday with low humidity and nice breezes.

Before the cool morning slides into a warm mid-day, I'm heading to the garden to do some work. And so it goes ... summertime in the Valley.

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