Thursday, June 21, 2007

First ripe tomato from the garden....

The tomato plant called 4th of July that I found at Milmont Nursery this spring has produced even earlier than promised! SWAC Husband found the first ripe tomato late this afternoon ... and for Shenandoah Valley standards that's pretty darn early.

First day of summer ... first ripe tomato. That's one we'll remember.


Carl Kilo said...

My plants are looking great. I counted 30 tomatoes this eve, but it will be a while before they are ripe. I need these first ones to fry anyway!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I was doubtful the 4th of July variety would produce by the 4th of July because of the cooler climate here (and we had a cool spring this year) so it's a pleasant surprise to have ripe tomatoes this early. Yum! There's nothing like produce from your own garden ... and working the earth. Happy gardening, Kilo!