Monday, June 04, 2007

Rumor: The King Makers Cometh

Are we to bow down? Who makes up the minds of the people? The king makers ... or the people themselves?


James Atticus Bowden said...

Political carnival coming to town? Did Hanger need RINO reinforcements four years ago? If not, this is a sign of desparation.

Remind the pols who come visit that they are endorsing higher taxes, more government and financial aid to illegal aliens. We'll remember that.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Four years ago the voters gave Sen. Hanger another chance because he said he would not raise taxes. He blew it.

People such as Gen. Bruce Grover and many others who put Hanger into office got tired of the broken promises and are backing Scott.

And now the "anti-tax" House leaders are breaking their word to the voters. After all the lip service from conservative GOP leaders about getting back to basics, finding our conservative "brand," etc. -- it flew out the window with political favors.

This is truly David vs Goliath ... and Goliath must be quaking in his sandals if he feels he has to pull in all this fire-power to prop him up.

Look out, volunteers ... the kitchen sink is about to be hurled our way. But we're the grassroots ... we know how to duck kitchen sinks and keep working.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Now is the time for a conservative Republican leader to emerge from all this decay.

We are looking for leadership. Someone out there has to have the fortitude to rally the grassroots and lead. Who will it be....