Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Ya gotta have friends...."

Have received much feedback from friends -- political and otherwise -- throughout this 24th District senate race in the Shenandoah Valley ... emails and phone calls of encouragement, with words of advice and a "you can do it" message. One particular grassroots friend has been through this battle before, successfully removing an incumbent through non-stop hard work, so he has been extremely helpful as a shot-in-the-arm, especially this past week.

Yesterday I received an email from a grassroots political colleague who read the post "Hanger wants to purge GOP if he wins." This hard-working attorney took a moment out of her day to share some words of encouragement and remind me of Ronald Reagan's race for governor of California. She wrote:

It sounds like Fritz [News Leader editor, "What a race"] hasn't a clue as to who the hard-working, grass-roots Republicans really are. One thing for sure, they are not "shrill," as he claims, just because they are exercising their rights to elect the candidate of their choice.

One might argue, rather, that an incumbent office holder who threatens other Republicans is the one who is shrill. When President Reagan first ran for office for Governor of California, his supporters were called extremists. The voters saw through that kind of intimidation and Reagan was elected overwhelmingly against a very popular Democrat incumbent. So, keep your spirits high--you're in good company."
And with those words we move into the final days of this campaign working non-stop for Scott Sayre.

Ya gotta have friends ... and I'm blessed by the friends I have.

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