Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thanks to Bloggers 4 Sayre

Friends, colleagues, Republicans, conservatives ... those are the Bloggers4Sayre and we thank them for their help in the Scott Sayre senate race in the 24th District.

Eighteen bloggers, among them some of the finest and most respected writers in the Virginia political blogosphere, stepped to the plate to show solidarity with fellow conservatives in a race that had implications statewide. When the battle became intense, it was good to know such fire-power (or, rather, "keyboard"-power) was watching our backs ... and it was very much appreciated.

Contributors were Black Velvet Bruce Li, Spank That Donkey, Kilo, D.J. McGuire, Riley, Not O'Reilly, JohnMaxfield, Yankee Philip, SWAC Girl, Charlie Fugate, Joe, Elle, Jim Hoeft, Leslie Carbone, Alton Foley (I'm Not Emeril), RightsideVA, F.A.C.T. Report, James Atticus Bowden, and Scott's Morning Brew.

Spank That Donkey did a great job setting up and monitoring Bloggers4Sayre. Many thanks, Chris!

As a SWAC blogger I'd like to say ... thank you.

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