Monday, February 09, 2009

Action Alert for school choice

From School Choice VA today....

We need your immediate help this morning.

School choice bills are being voted on today by the House of Delegates. Can you spare five quick minutes this morning to help make sure these bills pass?

One bill (HB 1965) creates an innovative new scholarship program that improves education, rewards individuals and companies that help give kids scholarships, and promotes economic growth. The other bill (HB 2104) creates a scholarship program for children with autism, so that they can attend the schools of their parents’ choice.

These are education reforms that Virginia needs now, especially in these tough economic times. These bills combine smart education policy with economic growth.

In December, a Mason-Dixon poll found that 69% of registered voters in Virginia support this type of tax credit scholarship program.

Even so, legislators still need to hear from you! Send a brief e-mail to your Delegate and Senator (visit here to find the email form for your legislator).

All you need to say is:

“I strongly support providing increased educational opportunities for children throughout Virginia. Scholarship tax credits will help improve Virginia’s education, promote economic growth, and keep our state at the forefront of innovation. I also support making sure that every child with special needs has a chance to succeed. Providing scholarships so that children with autism can attend the schools of their parents’ choice is the right thing to do. Accordingly, I strongly support HB 1965 and HB 2104, and I urge you to vote YES on these important bills.”

Thank you for your support.

For more information, visit us online.

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