Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another crowd turned out for Augusta BOS meeting

It was the third Board of Supervisor meeting since reassessments were received in the mail by county residents ... and it was the third packed meeting as folks turned out to protest.

Wednesday night's meeting heard from local residents who were outraged at high real estate assessments and addressed the board for nearly an hour.

The next meeting will be March 11 when petitions circulated by Churchville attorney Francis Chester will be turned in to the supervisors. A large crowd is expected to turn out that night to send a message to supervisors.


Steve Harkonnen said...

The thing I don't like about the whole thing was the method that these assessors took in doing it. Not a very scientific method whatsoever; more as in willy-nilly, because the property value percentages are far too sporadic across the county for it to be accurate.

When I looked at comparable home values to ours, I was shocked. They probably came into Teaverton where we live and just went "ok, all of these houses over here we'll call it this" and "these ones over in Draft, and "we'll call it this value since Teaverton is considered an attractive community over Draft."

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Steve, that's the issue I am hearing from most folks out there. They are questioning the process because they see no uniformity in how assessments were determined.

Come out March 11. Urge everyone you know to come out. We need to send a message to the six members of the BOS who have their heads in a cloud and are not in touch with their constituents.

March 11. 7 pm. Government Center. Verona. This is our own "tea party" in Augusta to protest "taxation without representation." Our reps are not listening ... we need to get their attention.

Thank goodness for Supervisor Tracy Pyles.