Thursday, February 26, 2009

Augusta's North River District had highest assessments

The Waynesboro News Virginian's week-long look at the seven districts of Augusta County continues today with a look at the North River District located in the northwestern part of the county.

Large farms dot this rural area and all are working to make ends meet. Even a landowner from northern Virginia worried about being able to pass his farm down to his family:
John Teunis, 76, of Arlington, also met with assessors Monday about his Mount Solon farm.

Although somewhat calmed by assessors’ description of his farming tax breaks, Teunis still worries about value increases that could complicate his passing on the 453-acre farm as inheritance.

“Most of my land is in woodland and pasture and I have a very small section in farming fields,” Teunis said.

He calls 367 acres “rocky and wooded.” About 86 acres rent as pasture; crop fields occupy 18 acres.
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