Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arrogant politicians ... not listening to the voters

Callers into Rush Limbaugh's radio show today voiced outrage at the stimulas (pork) bill that was being passed in Washington. Here is one such caller:
CALLER: Yes, sir. Thank you. I just wanted to share that I was so frustrated this morning and yesterday trying to voice my displeasure with our Senator Arlen Specter's decision to vote for the impulse bill.

I couldn't get through e-mail, couldn't get through phone, was always busy, said the voice mailbox was full, so I got to the point where I took the copy of my e-mail to Arlen Specter's local office, and I just had to register my protest about his arrogance and for not hearing the voice of the voters of Pennsylvania.

It's just frustrating beyond belief. And although they have a count of the number of calls that have come in and e-mails, I said there's just no way you could know how many calls and e-mails haven't gotten through, and they said they're swamped, and I said, "Obviously there's a lot of people that don't want to see Arlen Specter vote for this bill." And they said, "That's true, there are a few that are for it, but most are against." And I just thought it was arrogance.

RUSH: I heard yesterday that the calls coming into Washington offices are hundreds to one against this. It's rivaling the amnesty bill and so forth. I can't explain it to you.

Even after Senator Specter understood this morning what health care provisions are in this -- I can't explain this to you. I could try to come up with something pithy that would rely on the fact, well, they made a commitment before they knew what was in it, or they were hounded by the press, or who knows what. But it's a crying shame when this thing wins 61-37 and it passed with three Republicans.

These guys in the Senate had a chance to distinguish themselves like the Republicans in the House did, and they might be relying also, John, on the fact that they can straighten this out in conference. Susan Collins actually said that there's some things in this she doesn't like and if they don't get fixed in the conference committee with the House version of this bill she's not going to support it, so we'll see.
We are at this point because of the three "Republicans."

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