Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live now: AFP tele-town hall conference

Going on live now ... over 10,000 Americans across the nation joined Americans For Prosperity president Tim Phillips, Virginia Congressional Whip Eric Cantor (R-7th Cognressional District), and the Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore for a tele-town hall that answered questions about the stimulus bill and other issues of interest to voters. They provided up-to-the-minute intelligence and details on the eve of Congress’s final vote on the Pelosi/Reid/Obama trillion dollar "Stimulus" boondoggle.

Questions asked from throughout the country were answered by the three gentlemen ... everything from why there is no transparency of the stimulus bill, how small business owners will survive, to how bad the economy will get with the passage of this bill, to thanking the Republicans for standing up against the bill, and much more.

One caller said we've lost the battle but not the war, and wanted to know how to get the word out through the grassroots. The answer: call-in radio shows, letters to the editor, talk to 10 people a day about the importance of being engaged, sign the No Stimulus petition, call your representatives.

The House has set their vote for early afternoon tomorrow. The Senate vote appears to be set for late tomorrow afternoon or early evening. That gives us 24 hours to keep up the pressure. We must keep fighting back, and turning up the heat on our elected officials.

This fight has been taken to the center of the national stage, even when nobody thought it could make a difference. AFP's campaign is having a big impact, turning public opinion strongly against the Pelosi/Reid/Obama trillion-dollar debt and spending scheme.

Already, the petition drive has 418,343 signers and the number is climbing by the hour! That's right -- last Friday at a news conference with Senator DeMint to turn in the initial round of petitions the number was at 69,487 and one week later it's 418,343 petition signers!

Thank you for doing your part in this crucial battle.

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