Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sarah! Happy Birthday to Alaska's governor

Born February 11, 1964, conservative leader and Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin turns 45 today. Over at Team Sarah, birthday wishes are being posted for this incredible conservative woman leader.

My own wishes for a woman who has come under attack not only from the left but from Republicans ... may she persevere and find the strength to continue as the leader she is.
Dear Sarah,

What birthday wishes can be sent to such an incredibly strong conservative woman in leadership? May God bless you and your family and help you find the strength to carry on in the face of adversity, a hostile media, and misguided liberals as well as Republicans who go for the politics of personal destruction. Our prayers are with you as you continue to lead at a time when many Republican leaders have lost their way.

With best regards and happy birthday wishes,

~~Lynn Mitchell
Staunton, Virginia
Happy Birthday, Sarah Palin!

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