Saturday, February 14, 2009

So much for Dems promising transparency....

After passage of the huge stimulus/pork bill by Democrats on Friday, Donald at the American Power blog in California wrote A fundamental reworking of our priorities:
This morning's Wall Street Journal cuts right to the chase in their editorial, "1,073 Pages":
Democrats rushed the bill to the floor before Members could even read it, much less have time to broadcast the details so the public could offer its verdict.

So much for Democratic promises of a new era of transparency.
That's exactly what Democrats do not want, transparency.
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Imagine for just one minute ... think back over the past eight years ... if George W. Bush and the Republicans had rammed through a huge pork bill after saying three days before that they would allow 48 hours to provide the bill could be seen by the American public, and then passing it less than 24 hours after it came out of the printing office.

Yeah ... you don't have to think for a minute, do you? The media would be screaming bloody murder. But all we hear with the Democrats in control is ...

... deafening silence.

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