Saturday, July 13, 2013

Richmond Times-Dispatch pays respects to regular LTE writer

It's not often newspapers recognize and pay respects to a member of the community who was a regular letter writer when that correspondent passes away. Today, the Richmond Times-Dispatch does just that, an honor to the writer and his family.

Saturday's editorial page included the following tribute to James Coutlakis:
When letters by James Coutlakis arrived at The Times-Dispatch, editors welcomed them. They knew Coutlakis would make strong points in vivid prose. His letters required little editing. Today’s Letters section re-publishes a letter that earned Coutlakis recognition as a Correspondent of the Day. Coutlakis died July 6 after being hit by a train. The website is accepting donations to a fund that will help pay for the education of his sons. We will miss him.
Read Mr. Coutlakis' letter here.

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