Monday, July 08, 2013

Video: Humorous ABC News interview with George W. and Laura Bush

President George W. Bush is a gracious man with the wisdom of one who has observed, listened, and learned along his life's journey. This humorous, light-hearted ABC News interview that was taped after the President and Mrs. Bush returned from their African trip shows the genuine, witty, caring personality of #43, something the other side of the political aisle overlooked in their continual bashing of him during his eight years in the White House.

Because of GWB's gracious nature, and my observation of years of abuse from his political enemies, I have tempered my own public criticism of President Barack Obama, realizing the hurt it causes not only to the Obama family but to his supporters. Too bad the extremists on all sides of the aisle can't tone down the rhetoric and try to work together.

Robin Beres's article in Sunday's Richmond Times-Dispatch, "The expanding legacy of George W. Bush," touched on Bush's just-completed humanitarian trip to Africa, his continued involvement with the Wounded Warrior Project, and his overall giving-back to America during his retirement years:
In an interview with CNN on July 1, Bush was questioned about the Obama administration and accusations about the White House’s invasions into Americans’ privacy. But, as ever, he refused to criticize Obama. “I don’t think it does any good,” he said. “It’s a hard job. He’s got plenty on his agenda. It’s difficult. A former president doesn’t need to make it any harder. Other presidents have taken different decisions; that’s mine.”

The difference in the two men’s political views has always been apparent. Unfortunately, another difference that is obvious is the content of their characters. Despite attacks and accusations by the Obama administration, Bush has kept his silence.

Even as he watched the successful surge in Iraq go for naught and the Middle East fall apart, he said nothing. Even as he stood and listened to Obama’s backhanded compliments at the George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication, he held his peace. He has been the picture of graciousness and tact. These are traits that the self-absorbed Obama should study – and perhaps try to emulate.
GWB brought class to the office of President, something he learned from his parents and that is, sadly, lacking in others. His self-deprecating humor is legendary, and his modesty was ingrained by a strong mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, who taught her children not be be "braggadociouses."

George W. Bush ... boy, do I miss his leadership.

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