Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thumbs up from the News Virginian

The weekly editorial roundup at the Waynesboro News Virginian includes three "thumbs up" and three "thumbs down" candidates ... those in the local, state, national, or international spotlight ... who have caught the eye of the editors.

Today a thumbs up goes to Augusta County Supervisor Tracy Pyles for listening to the people he represents. The News Virginian wrote:
While his fellow Augusta County supervisors muse over what to do, Tracy Pyles continues to emerge as a man of the people. The veteran Pastures District supervisor is a lone voice among seven in crying out against Augusta County’s reassessment, which performs the remarkable feat of increasing values just as sale prices and volume are swirling down the drain. Property owners are hopping mad. Pyles hears them and has taken up their cause. Too bad the other six supes can’t hear quite so well.
I'll add my thumbs up to that.

The issue of taxes is not Republican or Democrat ... it crosses all socio-economic lines. It affects our family, friends, and neighbors. Mr. Pyles sees that ... and the News Virginian respects a supervisor who listens to the people.

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