Sunday, April 19, 2009

CNN meltdown

CNN reporter Susan Roesgen has become the poster child for biased media reporting after her coverage of Wednesday's tea parties when she belittled and ridiculed tax day protesters while supposedly "interviewing" them for her network. She also charged that those on the street were "anti-CNN" and that Fox News Channel had organized the protests.

Fox News is reporting this morning that Ms. Roesgen twice applied for a job with their network. Interesting that she would bash them on Wednesday....

The American Spectator reported on the sham reporting by Ms. Roesgen:
Rarely is there as transparent an example of liberal media bias as the tantrum thrown by CNN's Susan Roesgen yesterday while "reporting" on a tea party, but the full extent of her bias only comes into light when you look back at her attitude toward anti-Bush protesters.
In video posted by Paul Chesser from yesterday's CNN broadcast, Roesgen harassed a man who had a sign in which Obama was portrayed as a fascist with a Hitler mustache. "Why be so hard on the President of the United States though with such an offensive message?" an indignant Roesgen hollered.

Yet back in 2006, when she was covering protests against the Bush administration's response to Katrina, she jokingly referred to this photo of a man wearing a mask with devil horns and a Hitler mustache as a Bush "look-alike." (Video available at NewsBusters).
UPDATE: More behind the scenes footage of Roesgen at the Chicago tea party here.
Sunday's Fox & Friends reported that Ms. Roesgen is reportedly "taking a break" from CNN ... they were unable to confirm if that meant she was on vacation.

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Victoria said...

Hi! Just found your blog and am enjoying it. I was not surprised by Roesgen's behavior, but I am thrilled she is "taking a break." Perhaps she'll find her integrity while soul searching?

On another note, I have a conservative blog here also and wondered if you have advice for teaming up with other like-minded blogs (like Old Dominion alliance)? I have been wary of google (pro-gay agenda, environmentalism, etc) and thought of switching to wordpress. Any thoughts?