Friday, April 17, 2009

Holocaust survivor to address Valley residents

Isaac Klein and his twin brother survived Auschwitz, the World War II death camp where so many perished ... a miracle by itself ... but they also survived the life and death experiments on twins conducted by Dr. Mengele, another miracle.

Mr. Klein's message of triumph over tragedy, his story of life before deportation, is sweet and thoughtful, a beautiful story suddenly, horrifically interrupted by a terrible series of tragedies of which any single one should have been too much to survive.

Mr. Klein's survival must be shared as we try to understand how this could happen. For those hearing the story of his life, Mr. Klein's hope is that others will be compelled to do something ... do what should have been done for him and other survivors, in memory of the millions who did not survive. It is a story of what evil can do ... and "The Power of Good."

The public forum, open and free to the community, will be held Saturday, April 18, 2009, at Blue Ridge Church of Christ, 1275 Goose Creek Rd., Fishersville,Va 22939 (540-949-7956) from 10 a.m until Noon.

May we never forget....

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