Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nationalized health care ... only for the young?

Three questions, stunning in their implications. Three answers which should make the skin of all lovers of liberty crawl. I’m again left imagining Jefferson, Madison and Monroe listening in on this with unbelieving looks of horror on their faces. The irony is, their opposition to this incredible power grab by government would again leave them in the category of “radical”.

So ends this post from McQ over at QandO with questions asked of President Barack Obama ... and disturbing responses from him concerning end-of-life decisions for the elderly in this country and the consequences of nationalized health care. Would government be the final decider as to who lives and who dies ... who receives treatment and who does not?

Read and ponder ... the Obama administration is going places some never imagined and others thought they would never see.

This post was passed on by a young twenty-something who was alarmed at what he read. We should be, too.

H/T to "Yoda"

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Dave said...

I thought Mexico's healthcare was so wonderful and the United State's was bad.