Sunday, April 26, 2009

Congrats, Guys

Yankee Phil comes in at # 1 on this week's BlogNetNews rankings, and Fishersville Mike is # 4. Both have good, positive writing and contribute to the dialogue in the blogosphere ... and both are fellow SWAC bloggers. Congrats, Guys!


Mike said...

Thanks for the plug, and thanks for inspiring me to join the fray on this site. It's much more fun than blogging on the News Leaders' site.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Welcome to the fray! You bring a professional style of writing that I have enjoyed. I mean, we've got an honest-to-goodness journalist in our ranks!

Look out, # 1 ... Mike's heading on up....

Unknown said...

Thank You for the linkage. I feel odd being #1. I am usually right behind that trouble making Girl.

As you know, I am not looking for ranking. I just enjoy getting the word out and knowing that more and more people are reading it.But it is a kick.
I wish our Congressmen and women had more time to read, but they don't even read bills anymore.
I was talking with a number of different people up in DC, and I mentioned something that was on my blog about Rahm Emanuel and Rosa DeLauro, and the 5 years free rent. One of the congressmen had never even heard of it.
I get a real kick listening to the radio or watching the news, and saying,"Hey I blogged on that previously."
I really love it when I beat drudge. That is rare though.