Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bill Bolling: Obama policies hurt Americans, Romney would focus on getting government spending under control

It's been a busy week and I'm late publishing this statement from Lt. Governor Bill Bolling on Barack Obama's campaign trip to Virginia but felt it's message of the Obama Administration's failed leadership and failed policies needed to be posted.

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling today issued the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s campaign visit to Virginia:

“It is always a pleasure to have the President visit our state, and we hope he has a wonderful time in Virginia. However, at a time when millions of Americans are suffering as a result of his failed leadership and failed policies, I wish the President would spend more time in Washington, working to create jobs for the American people, rather than spending three days on a campaign tour that is being financed by taxpayers and is designed to save his own job.

“When President Obama took office in 2009 he promised hope and change. We have received neither. In fact, his policies, which rely on higher taxes, more regulation and bigger government have clearly made our economic problems worse. President Obama does not understand how the private economy works, in large part because he has no experience in the private economy, and until and unless he makes a major change in his policy direction our economy will continue to suffer.

“President Obama and his economic team believe that the greatness of America is found in the government, and they believe that government is the answer to every problem. They are wrong. The greatness of America is found in her people and in private sector businesses, large and small, who create jobs for American workers. Instead of pursuing policies that are designed to grow the government, we need a President who will pursue policies that are designed to grow the private sector.

“That’s why I’m supporting Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States. Governor Romney knows how the private sector works because he has worked in the private sector. Governor Romney has put forth a detailed economic plan that will cut taxes, reduce regulations, reign in out of control union activities, empower the private sector and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation. Governor Romney will also focus on getting government spending under control and bringing down our national debt, which has increased by historic proportions under President Obama’s Administration and threatens our nation’s economic survival. In short, Governor Romney will truly bring the change that America’s economy needs to start growing again and creating jobs for our people.

“I hope President Obama has a wonderful time campaigning in Virginia, but while he is doing so the American people continue to suffer. Hopefully, he will return to Washington soon and get to work pursuing productive economic policies for our nation.”

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