Thursday, October 13, 2011

George Allen receives more grassroots endorsements

Additional grassroots leaders from around the Commonwealth announced their endorsement of George Allen today, citing his long, successful record standing up for Virginia values, his strong leadership and clear vision for the future, to help businesses create jobs and make America competitive again.

“I endorse George Allen for the U.S. Senate.  He is a common sense conservative.  George Allen has a record for standing up for government constraint.  We need his conservative leadership in Washington D.C. to represent our Virginia Values.”   - Steve Finan, Buckingham County GOP Chair

“Whether the issue is taxes, government spending, education reform or promoting Virginia business, George Allen has been a consistent voice defending our values." - Lyle Beefelt, Prince William County GOP Chair
“I came to America after being a man without a country my whole life. This country not only gave me an education, but became the place I now proudly call home. My journey is a testament to the American dream; those who are willing to work hard will be met with opportunity. I endorse George Allen for U.S. Senate because he believes that we, the people, not the government, are the solution. His conservative ideology and principled leadership are what our great nation was founded upon and exactly what is needed in our elected officials today.” - Adnan N. Barqawi, Blacksburg
"George Allen can be counted on to fight for Jeffersonian principles and to get the bloated federal government back within the limits set for it by the United States Constitution.” -Gene Smith, State Central Committee Member
“I helped Gov. Allen in his 1983 House of Delegate campaign. As we were preparing for his re-election, we came up with a message: “George Allen- He Keeps His Word.” I’m glad to say that 28 years later he still does.”  - John Darden, Fluvanna County

Ed Early

Pat Earle
Charlotte County

Albemarle County

Doris Smith

Leslie Campbell Jr. 

Caroline County

Ron McMahon

Tim Boyle
Pittsylvania County
Mecklenburg County GOP Chair

Brenda Campbell
Joan Rokus
Henry County

Loudoun County

Tom Warren

Grace Nowak
Pittsylvania County
Page County

Sam Crockett

Vivienne Smith 
Wythe County

Fluvanna County GOP Chair

Patty  Manthe

Stephen Tyndall
Montgomery County
City of Richmond

Wayne Ozmore

John Kilgore Sr. 
State Central Committee member, Chester
State Central Committee member & Scott County GOP Chair

Marie Quinn 

Rachel Schoenewald
State Central Committee member, Chesterfield County
State Central Committee member & Albemarle County GOP Chair

Kirby Burch

Tucker Davis
Powhatan County
Buchanan County

Jack Wilson,

Joshua Evans 
4th District Chairman, Chester
Dickenson County GOP Chair

Leanne Hamm

Ralph Tuggle 
Fauquier County

Grayson County GOP Chair

Robert Liero 

Tracy Evans 

Harrisonburg GOP Chair

Joshua Slage

Michael Mostofsky


Lowell Hartsell

William Hamm
Virginia Beach

Fluvanna County

Blair Nelson

John Hubbard 
City of Richmond

King William County GOP Chair

David O’Kelly

John Tucker
State Central Committee Member, Norfolk
State Central Committee member & Madison County GOP Chair

Marie Dunford

Jean Evans 
Henrico County

Pulaski County GOP Chair

Carey Brace

Michael Kirby
Chesterfield County

Betty Saedler

John Dalton Jr.
Orange County

Radford GOP Chair

Chris Darden

Dallas Sparks
Waynesboro GOP Chair
Tazewell GOP Chair

Charlotte Eriksson
Elaine Charles

Former Williamsburg GOP Chair

Janet Riddick

Charlie Krum
Henrico County

Washington County

Debbie Harper

Bill Cleveland
Richmond County GOP Chair

David Skiles

Mary Pauline Jones
Fairfax County

Fairfax County

Jenny Mundy

Jacqueline Kotvas
Hanover County

Virginia Beach

Ted Brown

Jerry Lester
City of Richmond

Buchanan County GOP Chair & State Central Committee member

Adm. Robert Fountain
Stephen Kendell
Westmoreland County
Nelson County

Dan Robinson

Wayne Hayden
Prince George County
New Kent County

King Gillespie

Ron Chipper
Fairfax County

Nottoway County GOP Chair

Catherine Colgan
Paul Miller
Virginia Beach

Fairfax County

Jack Kotvas

Ruth Cleveland
Virginia Beach


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