Thursday, October 13, 2011

Va. Democrats launch false attacks on Republicans

Two desperate Virginia Democrats were taken to the woodshed for false claims in advertising yesterday - Edd Houck and Roscoe Reynolds.
-- PolitiFact took a look at Democrat Edd Houck's latest desperate attempt to fend off defeat and finds it factually wanting.

From the story: 

"'... Reeves is OK with sending our jobs to China,' the ad's narrator states.

It's a pretty flimsy argument to link Reeves to the Invista layoffs solely because he once headed a regional group of a national organization that received money from David Koch. It's even more of a stretch to say that link, tenuous as it is, proves Reeves is OK about sending jobs to China...

...We rate the claim False."

Read the whole thing. 

-- Not to be outdone, the folks at WSLS and their colleagues at took a look at Roscoe Reynolds latest attack on Bill Stanley, and found it wanting as well.

"... You ain't from around here, are you boy," asks the advertisement...

... This claim is false... 

 Bill Stanley actually grew up all over the country in a military family, so he didn't grow up in Southwest Virginia, or any other one place, but he's lived here for 12 years."

Read the whole thing.

If they're this desperate now, sort of makes you wonder what kind of outrageous stuff we'll see between now and November?

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