Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bob McDonnell one of most popular governors in nation

Has 70% approval rating with citizens of Virginia

This update on Governor Bob McDonnell's popularity came from Ed Gillespie:
I wanted to make sure you saw the Richmond Times-Dispatch poll released yesterday showing Governor McDonnell with a 70% statewide approval rating, making him the most popular elected official in the Commonwealth, and one of the nation’s most popular governors!

This RTD poll comes on the heels of another poll by Quinnipiac University last week which showed that by a 3-1 margin Virginians approve of the direction in which Governor McDonnell is leading the Commonwealth, and commented on the governor’s approval rating by saying, “He should be careful not to bump his head on the ceiling.” 

Since taking office Governor McDonnell has been focused on generating private sector job growth by putting policies in place to make Virginia more competitive, balancing budgets by cutting spending and not raising taxes, investing in transportation infrastructure, and reforming state government to make it more effective, efficient, and user-friendly.

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