Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clergy announce support for George Allen for U.S. Senate

Clergy from throughout Virginia announced their support for George Allen for U.S. Senate, citing his strong commitment to family values, protecting life, personal liberty, and creating jobs for Americans who are hurting right now. 

“I enthusiastically endorse my friend Governor George Allen for election to the U.S. Senate in 2012.  He is a statesman who cares deeply for the Commonwealth of Virginia and its citizens.  I am thoroughly convinced that George Allen can make a difference in this perilous time.” - Reverend Peter Way, Scottsville

“We need a strong pro-life advocate who is willing to protect the rights of the unborn; a seasoned leader who understands the impact of failed policies that have plundered our urban communities. Governor Allen has always been a friend to the black community and he will fight for the communities of faith and communities of color. George Allen will make a great U.S. Senator.” - Reverend Dean Nelson, Vice-Chair, Frederick Douglas Foundation

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am supporting Governor George Allen for the U. S. Senate.  His support for issues of Faith is of great value to the Commonwealth and the Faith Community.  Whether his support of the Federal Marriage Amendment in the Senate or signing a strong Parental Notification law as Governor, George Allen has stood strong on family values and issues concerning people of Faith in Virginia.” - Dr. Allen McFarland, Portsmouth

Dr. Pat Robertson
Pastor Rudolph Jones
Virginia Beach
Pastor Geronimo Aguilar
Pastor Bob Collins
Newport News
Pastor Jeff Brauer
Bishop Gerald Glenn
Glen Allen
Chesterfield County
Dr. Gary Stewart
Bishop Mitchell Corder
Pastor Mark Grooms
Dr. Terry Fairbanks
Bishop Leon Benjamin
Pastor Steve Parson
Reverend  Sebastian Seymondias
Dr. David Brat
Glen Allen
Pastor Richard Gonzales
Reverend Keith Shealy
Virginia Beach
Reverend Sherrie Moore
Pastor Mike Honaker
Pulaski County
Pastor Glen Lutz
Dr. Johnny Hunter
North Carolina
Dr. Calvin Durham
Minister Rocky Marrin
Glen Allen
Pastor Myron Atkinson
Reverend Leory Hardy

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