Monday, November 07, 2011

Bearing Drift campaign update

Campaign update from Bearing Drift....
Election Day is almost here!
McDonnell and Cantor on "The Score"
Governor Bob McDonnell and Majority Leader Eric Cantor join Scott Lee on Bearing Drift's "The Score" to talk a little politics in this weekend before Election Day.

Prediction Contest
We've picked out some of the more competitive General Assembly campaigns and want you to tell us your predictions.  You'll win not only bragging points but an opportunity to be on the air to tell all of Virginia how smart you are.  Contest ends when polls open at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Senate Races - Our Take
If you haven't seen it yet, we looked at the Senate campaigns and offer up our analysis.

Voter Apathy - it's going to be decided on the margins
Campaigns are putting in last second efforts to make their pitch to voters as to why they should be elected to the General Assembly, but if a recent CNU poll is accurate, only 30 percent of voters will be making the decision.  That's the topic of this week's podcast with J.R. Hoeft.

Election Day Info
Bearing Drift will obviously be providing as much coverage on Election Day as possible, but there are also some other helpful places to go for information:

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