Monday, November 14, 2011

George Allen accepts invitation to join RPV debates

The Republican Party of Virginia announced last week that they will host three U.S. Senate debates before the June primary at various locations around the Commonwealth in April and May. Candidates who have qualified for the June ballot can participate in the Roanoke, Northern Virginia, and Hampton Roads venues.

George Allen has accepted through campaign manager Mike Thomas who wrote to RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

Congratulations on this year’s historic election!

In 2009, with the election of Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Virginians showed they were ready for principled, conservative leadership. We saw that wave continue into 2010 and now 2011 as Virginia Republicans strengthened our majority in the House of Delegates and achieved working control of the State Senate.

This upcoming 2012 election will be pivotal in determining the future of our country. George Allen believes it is essential for Republicans to discuss solutions to the important issues affecting Virginia families and businesses. We accept your invitation to continue that conversation in the three debates sponsored by the Republican Party of Virginia.

The failed policies of President Obama, Chairman Tim Kaine and their Democrat allies in Washington have put our country on a dangerous path of sustained high unemployment, massive debt and diminished opportunities for future generations. Thank you for this opportunity. We look forward to discussing our positive solutions for Virginians and our Country.
No doubt most if not all of the other contenders will be on hand. Jamie Radtke and Tim Donner have already accepted, as noted by Norm Leahy at Bearing Drift.

Last week on Neal Cavuto's Fox program, Gov. Allen noted the issues concerning all Virginians and his Blueprint for America, offering common sense solutions for many of those concerns including jobs, competitiveness, energy independence, reining in an overreaching Federal Government, and protecting Virginia's right-to-work laws. As he noted:
The path America is on today is dangerous and unsustainable; it will diminish our children’s future and their ability to achieve the American Dream. This Blueprint will change that trajectory and spark an American comeback with a competitive economy that is growing and creating jobs in a country that has so long stood for freedom and opportunity.
The A-Team is growing as an ever-increasing list of Republican leaders in the Commonwealth endorse Allen. The latest endorsement came from our very popular Governor Bob McDonnell who on Friday made known his strong support by noting that Allen was "a trusted, proven leader and longtime friend and teammate achieving significant reforms for more job opportunities for families and businesses in Virginia."

The former Governor and U.S. Senator has been endorsed by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, former Senator Fred Thompson, Virginia House Speaker William Howell, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

He's been praised by lawyer/radio host Mark Levin and radio commentator Rush Limbaugh. He received the backing of many in the Commonwealth's law enforcement community as well as General Assembly leaders and others from NoVa and the Shenandoah Valley.

Congressman Hurt announced his support as well as Hampton Roads leaders and Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Congressmen Goodlatte and Griffith. Southwest leaders and legislators and other elected and grassroots leaders statewide have endorsed as well as clergy members and even more grassroots leaders, many who remember his years in the General Assembly, as Governor, and as U.S. Senator.

With an arsenal of solutions to America's problems, the man they all support will go into the debates armed with knowledge and a vision for the future as well as a proven track record of leadership. I look forward to tuning in, and continue to be a proud member of the A-Team.

George Allen for U.S. Senate

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